King of What?

Have you checked the LeBron Tracker on It’s a full page dedicated to what the two time MVP, LeBron James will do with free agency. The opinions and polls are endless and vary from one reference to the next. For the next 44 days the LaBron Tracker will continue to update with any news about if the King will stay in Cleveland or build his castle in a bigger city.

KINGJAMES23 is the name of the fantasy basketball league I play in. I couldn’t help but ask the league manager (my twin brother) what is KingJames King of? His response was that in the world of baseketball, LeBron is the King. Yes, I remember him on the cover of Sports Illustrated when he was a sophomore in high school and I know that he skipped the experience of playing at the college level to be the number one draft pick in 2003. The state of Ohio and SI appointed LeBron as the Chosen 1. As a three-time “Mr. Basketball” recipient of Ohio high school basketball, they nicked named him “King James”. So what will we call him if he actually wins a ring…? KingGodJames..? KingHasARingJames..?

Don’t get me wrong, I love LBJ and I’m pretty sure he would beat me in a game of horse. But, Charles Barkley and Steve Nash are some of the past league’s MVP’s and they never held a Championship trophy. They were (are) superstars but we didn’t call them King, maybe Sir, but they played the in the league and earned their Super-Star status. LeBron was the King of the NBA before he graduated high school.

With six more weeks of speculation, I just want to know that LeBron isn’t going to pull a Ricky Williams and that he will be playing in the NBA next season. All this New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Cleveland; it’s more like Jay Z vs Obama vs Ohio. If President Obama thinks “LeBron will look great in a Bulls uniform” and when anything is “speculated” from John Calipari’s reps it’s a pretty good sign that the Chicago Bulls are turning into Looking at Lucky in this race.

I just hope that one day my twin brother and I can WITNESS King James with Ring.

PS: Phil Jackson: Nash didn’t carry the ball.

May 3, 2010  ·  629 Views