Week One: Rival Week!

The Washington Redskins against the Dallas Cowboys for the first Sunday night game: OhMy! The emotions of fans who just want a winning team back in Washington, DC, the excitement for the start of football season and most hated rivals in the NFL faceoff. Tailgating started at noon, eight hours before kickoff and for the most part, fans of both teams behaved. As you entered the stadium, the chants started and the tension grew and no one in Vegas placed bets on that feeling that was in FedEx that gave Skins fans goose bumps before the game.

Flash backs from RFK stadium and highlights from those whose names are now in the Washington Ring of Fame brought back memories of the good ole days and for others they were images that made you flash-forward to when you can take your children to a game and say “I was at that game” or “I remember that moment”. I couldn’t help but wonder if I would ever witness those moments where years from now they will be played back and those moments will be remembered forever.

The very next image on the big screen was bundled up older man named Charlie White. Talk about a moment… After a moving tribute for his 72 years of ushering for the Washington Redskins- he has seen virtually every Washington home game- the 86 year old is a piece of Washington Redskins history. (Read Dan Steinberg’s story on White)http://voices.washingtonpost.com/dcsportsbog/2008/12/meet_charlie_white_the_redskin.html

Maybe it was the tension building from tailgating to the stadium. Maybe it was an 86 year old fan and usher that made every Redskin fan in FedEx glossy-eyed as he was living proof that a true fan is a fan for life. Maybe it was all the disappointing seasons and years of never knowing what Snyder is going to do next that was building the emotions in FedEx. You could just feel it… And then, the stadium erupted when the big screens zoomed in on Chief Zee wearing the headdress as he chanted: WE Want Dallas! WE WANT Dallas! WE WANT DALLAS! FedEx has never been that loud and the intensity for a win has never been more clear.

The fans never left the game and with each down there was restored hope that we can win. I’m pretty sure this game took a year off my life and I woke up on Monday with no voice. As a Skins fan; a W is a W, no matter what the stats show

If I was Coach Shanahan I would have given the Redskins defense off from practice on Monday, Special teams half a day practice, the offense would have two-a-days all week. The yellow pants that matched the flags on the field would be worn every game in hopes that the calls go for the Redskins! But even if the Skins lose every other game this season, the emotion, loyalty and a restored hope that started from the image of a 86 year old man on the big screen and ended with 13-7 HAIL TO THE REDSKINS is a moment that will last my life time.

September 16, 2010  ·  650 Views