Liar, Liar Vest on Fire

Has Obama declared the state of Ohio under a state of emergency? In the past year they lost LeBron in the Decision and now the holy grail of the state has lost its savior and his disciples in what seems to be a never ending story of lies and betrayal.

Ohio State fans are really going to be singing Hang On Sloopy to get through this debacle of an embarrassment to the BCS and the NCAA. Ohio State fans have had a spell cast on them through the choirboy image of Jim Tressel and his sweater vest.

First, Coach Knight is the only coach in sports who should be allowed to wear a sweater vest in public.

Buckeyes across the world felt a cold, cold day in hell as they learned the sweater vest of Jim Tressel was simply a cover up to hide the lack of integrity for Ohio State and college football. I wonder how many tattoos Tressel’s hiding under his sweater vest….

I can’t be the only one who saw through the vest. I knew during the Sugar Bowl when Jim Tressel claimed he knew nothing about the improper gifts that six of his star players received, including QB, Terrelle Pryor. Tressel allowed them to play in the Sugar Bowl and then with the help of the NCAA were the players suspended for the first five meaningless games for the 2011 season. Tressel showed a complete lack of integrity, respect for the game and failing as a leader to make a stand based on honesty and principle. I knew then, and we all know now that Tressel is a fraud and that he couldn’t hide behind the vest forever.

On May 30th, Tressel resigned as head football coach of Ohio Sate University. Sports Illustrated featured an investigation about the depth of Tressel’s ignorance in their June 6th issue and the story keeps adding new chapters. “The Fall of Jim Tressel” dates back to 1988 at Youngtown State, turning his head on the character of Maurice Clarett and Troy Smith and his partnerships with Robert Baker and other boosters who were play makers in his game plan to foster his NCAA violations.

How dumb and ignorant can Jim Tressel be to think he could violate the NCAA bylaw 10.1 -Unethical Conduct three times and still have a throne for millions of pompous fans reminding us they can spell a four letter word and bow down to worship him? He is one dumb nut!

I’m not picking on Tressel for allowing his players to accept improper gifts, but for his ignorance in one of the greatest sports ever played. Honestly, I think it’s an out-dated rule, but it’s still a rule violation and playing dumb is clearly the best move in Jim Tressel’s play book. In my opinion, as long as the tuition for non-athletes doesn’t increase, I don’t have a problem with players pimping out their talents for “gifts”.

My hero, Coach Bob Knight, is an Ohio State Alumni and I couldn’t agree more with his statement on the issue: “I understand what’s happened and there was a rule that was violated. But it was an idiotic rule. I think this NCAA that we’re currently involved with is so far out of touch with the integrity of the sport that it’s just amazing,” Knight said.

The issue of “improper” gifts will never be fully regulated, EVER! It’s a lot like steroids in MLB; every one’s doing it, but not every ones getting caught and Ohio State just got BUSTED! Tim Tebow might be the only college athlete who said no to “improper” gifts from fans, nightclubs, tattoo parlors, and groupies.

So here we are, weeks after witnessing the fall of Ohio State and still the story continues to add new headlines about what an embarrassment they are to college football. And the NCAA thought the University of Tennessee had issues… HA!

Well Ohioans, you still have something to be proud of- the 1989 movie; Major League.

Jake Taylor: I play for the Indians. Chaire Holloway: Here in Cleveland? I didn’t know they still had a team! Jake Taylor: Yup, we’ve got uniforms and everything, it’s really great!