Shady Start

Bar fights, Suspensions and Cup cakes- It’s a shady start, but college football is only days away!

LSU quarterback Jordan Jefferson and other teammate, Joshua Johns have been suspended indefinitely by the school for their “alleged” poundings outside of Shady’s Bar in Baton Rouge two weeks ago. Both players turned themselves in after police arrest warrants on felony charges of second-degree battery. Four people were injured during the brawl. With these suspensions- there goes a chance for a Championship banner for the Tigers.

Good luck Jarrett Lee on your season opener against Oregon. But don’t worry, the Duck’s All-America corner Cliff Harris of Oregon is suspended along with middle linebacker, Kiko Alonso. Harris will be on the sideline for his 118 mile-per-hour speeding ticket, driving with a suspended license and for his string of unpaid traffic violations. (He must be facebook friends with Terrelle Pryor.) Alonso is still hung-over from a night of partying and tying to remember where he lived. (See story) HA- college, I do miss you.

Virginia Tech’s schedule… what a joke! Is Frank Beamer a pastry chef? Because he just made one cup cake of a schedule! Appalachian State, East Carolina, Arkansas State and Marshall sum up the first half of the season. No Maryland, No NC State and No Florida State (the only other ACC team ranked in the top 25)! SEC school’s have intramural teams with schedules more difficult than the Jokies in Blacksburg.

Brace yourself for the Tech fans; they are almost as annoying as Ohio State fans. With Tech’s schedule, they should have a pretty good record (I’m going to be sick). Too bad these dumb birds haven’t learned that to get an invite to the NCAA dance or to play in a BCS Championship game, you have to play the BEST teams.

Even with the all the not-so-good headlines, college football is back and Saturday’s now have a purpose again. GO VOLS!

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