Metta World Whaaaat?

In August 2008, Chad Johnson legally changed his name to Chad Ochocinco. The English translation of the name change is “eight, five”. However, in Spanish 85 is “ochenta y cinco”. Guess he missed season two of Dora the Explorer… Ochocinco has been a headliner for the comedians of the NFL not just with his name change, but also with his end-zone celebrations. Being a fan favorite, he made it to the final four on season ten of Dancing With the Stars.

And then there’s Ron Artest who legally changed his name to “Metta World Peace” last week. World Peace said his name change was meant to “inspire and bring youth together all around the world”. Metta is a traditional Buddhist word that means loving and kindness toward all. Really, did this just happen? I honestly think it was just a media stunt to promote his celebrity appearance on season thirteen of Dancing With the Stars.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one on planet Earth who hears the name Ron Artest and immediately thinks of the 2004 Malice at the Palace. The Pacers-Pistons brawl that broke out with less than a minute left in the game between the players and then between World Peace and the fans. There are no excuses for that kind of behavior. It was awful and embarrassing to the NBA. The Palace of Auburn Hills in Auburn Hills, Michigan will forever be scarred with the Malice at the Palace incident.

So who needs more mental therapy: World Peace (do we really have to call him that?), the LA County Superior Court for allowing the name change or the talent scout at Dancing With the Stars for thinking America would actually vote for him? DWTS isn’t a show I watch and looking at the past “stars” list- I’m confused. There are athletes and then there’s Chaz Bono. WHO? I must be confused on the definition of the word “star”…

World Peace is sorry for the Malice at the Palace incident and he was punished by the NBA, but did the talent scout really think that by changing his name and sprinkling some glitter on him would change how the public perceives him?

Metta World Peace – it just sounds stupid. Instead of focusing on “world peace” try making peace with the NBA Lockout.

September 19, 2011  ·  669 Views