Replacing the Game

One play, two rulings, no pass interference called. The ref who can SEE THE BALL rules no catch by waving his arms over his head (interception/Touchback) and the ref who is further away from the play and can NOT SEE THE BALL walks up and rules TD. Refs make a short trip to the booth (or so we think) and the ruling stands, TD Seattle.

It sounded more like this: The ruling on the court; the player did touch second base, ruling stands 5th foul for Arizona.
Hello 9-1-1 there has been a robbery in Seattle. Russell Wilson just became the first QB in the history of the NFL to throw a game-winning interception. Jennings caught the ball and had possession as he went down to the ground, but the ref ruled it a TD for Tate.
Who really reviewed this play? This call will go down as the all time worst NOT top-ten play in the history of sports and COME ON MAN’S!
Simultaneous control? Don’t even try to go there replacement ref, you don’t even know what that means yet, clearly.
Golden Tate, sorry kid- no one is talking about HOLY HAIL MARY. We are going nuts over your denial and about your pass interference play that somehow wasn’t called.
Packers guard, TJ Lang didn’t need all 140 characters to show his emotions on twitter: “Got F-ed by the refs.. Embarassing. Thanks NFL!” followed by “F**k it NFL.. Fine me and use the money to pay the regular refs.”
Roger Goodell, you should be so embarrassed that your greed has forced Footlocker employees to regulate the National Football League. Did someone put your balls on the replacement list too, Mr. Goodell?? If you really care about the integrity of this game you will stop this labor strike NOW and make football right again in America.  
You the Commish- preach that you will do anything to protect the shield of the NFL and yet, you Mr. Goodell, YOU are letting the debacle of asinine replacements define your league continue. Grow a pair!
Every game I’ve watched has been a clear indication that replacement refs have no control and no clue what the F they are doing. Get your ego out of your ass and protect this game that millions of fans live for. Mr. Goodell, are you facebook friends with Sandusky? Its ironic how both of you have a sick way of screwing a lot players and fans.
Hell, I’m a Redskins fan and VOLS fan, I know what its like lose, a lot. But watching other teams, good teams, great teams lose because of poor officiating- it really makes me mad.
(Sorry mom for my potty mouth- it’s ALL ROGER GOODELL’S FAULT? Yell at him not me.) 
And if you needed more proof, here ya go! 

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