Cowboys vs. Indians

This was my first Thanksgiving away from my family and to be honest, I think they are relieved that they could enjoy a home cooked meal without having to wear a homemade Pilgrim or Indian hat. Yes, my kindergarten art skills still excel beyond the classroom. Construction paper and a glue stick, it never gets old and yes, you have to wear the hat to eat.

I can’t remember the last time I used my stove when I wasn’t prepping for tailgate festivities with the White family. I attempted to make my own Thanksgiving dinner- not a tradition I will continue. But knowing another tradition was making a come back could make up for me missing my mom’s crock-pot mac & cheese; Cowboys vs. Redskins on Thanksgiving Day!

HA- Cowboys vs. Indians on Thanksgiving Day, well played NFL, well played. After a rough start and a Brandon Banks error, I felt my Thanksgiving meal starting to rise for a reversal of fortune. And then it was as if the sports gods wanted to rain on the Dallas parade and sent rain in the Cowboy Stadium (once the roof is open, it can not be closed) in the second quarter and the RG3 show featuring the Redskins began. WOW- what a show it was with 28 unanswered points in the second quarter. Total domination! 

RG3 was back in his home state of Texas and he did not disappoint in the second quarter. Maybe they ate some turkey during halftime because the third quarter was pretty boring and the Cowboys scored ten unanswered points. 35-21 with less than ten minutes left in the game and an RG3 interception. WHAT? Superman can’t throw interceptions. And just like that 35-28 for a seven point game. My heart-rate was racing and my turkey still had not settled.

Any Redskin fan will tell you that it’s not over until it-is-over. And usually, it doesn’t end well for us. But my new phrase for the Redskins and my ringtone- Anything Can Happen when RG3 is on the field!

With three minutes left, Kai Forbath lines up for a 48 yard field goal attempt. Holy Kai it was perfect and the Redskins take a ten point lead; 38-28. Redskins fans are thankful that Billy Can’t Kick Cundiff was replaced by this hidden golden foot of Kai Forbath.

My heart was still pounding until the game clock expired and the Redskins finally BEAT Dallas 38-31 on Thanksgiving in Texas and put an end to Tony Romo’s 5-0 winning streak on Thanksgiving Day. The Redskins are thankful for RG3 everyday and today we are very thankful for RG3’s 311 passing yards, 4 TDs, and the WIN!

When it’s Cowboys vs. Indians- Anything Can Happen.

PS: That Cam Newton Play 60 commercial with the little kid- HILARIOUS!

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