I Need to Vent

I apologize, but I need to vent. (Sorry to Steve Nance who heard the potty mouth version of this rant.)  

I was asked to play in a Fantasy Football league with a $50 buy-in. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’ve never bet more than $20 on anything. The league manager begged, I mean he beeeeggggggggged me to play. He was acting like the neighborhood cat; I couldn’t get rid of him so I said I would play. But I made it clear, don’t be mad when I beat you.

I’ve been playing in fantasy leagues year round for years. I’m lucky that my twin brother is a champion in most leagues he plays in and has taught me how to play like the boys. This was the first league I played in that was outside my normal circle of fantasy leagues.

League Go Hard or Go Home– with League Manager Captain Shady-

After the most unorganized live draft I couldn’t stop laughing. Who drafts a kicker in the 7th round (Mason Crosby who has 87 total fantasy points this year)? I took Stephen Gostkowski with my second to last pick and he’s tied for first place with 144 points. One kid even picked the Lions defense in the 6th round (who has a total of 54 fantasy points). I waited until the 10th round and snagged up the Bears D who leads the league and earned my team 204 fantasy points.

And how was Adrian Peterson stilllll available in the 3rdround? Talk about a steal All Day, All Day!

Have you ever played in a league that counted week 17? Teams with an automatic playoff will rest the superstar so it can hurt your team in the Championship.

Let’s be honest, he has a reputation of being shady and holds a grudge against me because I have schooled him week after week in a weekly NFL pick em game for the past two years.  

No one was surprised when he magically had the first round draft pick. A $50 buy-in with ten players = $350 for 1st and $150 for 2nd.  Somewhere along the way he created a 3rd place for a $50 payout. I didn’t realize I was playing in an all-girl league. Third place gets a payout in a league of 10? Shut the front door! Just give everyone a trophy and tell them they won too. I guess I grew up playing ball where I learned to win or lose and you accept it. There was none of this let everyone win crap.

So now, this ‘made up’ addition makes the 1st place payout $250 and 2nd$150, but wait that’s still only $450….? I’m pretty good with numbers, but the average 2nd grader can figure out there’s still $50 unaccounted for. He then decides the $50 is for the draft kit. Whaaaat? Those things are partially free and if you do purchase a draft kit (it’s a poster board and stickers) you might spend $25 at the most.

Worst league management ever! The funny thing about this league is that my team DaNuhNuh has been crushing it all season in first place and I’m playing in the Championship. I’m playing team Maclin On Your Girl, Yes Her (I hate the Eagles, but that’s hilarious Mr. Nance). He, like most of the other teams are pretty cool people. I’m just glad that we beat Captain Shady at his own game.

You can rig all the rules, you can change the rules, and you can even use your veto power to make sure others can’t beat you and you still get beat by a girl.

December 17, 2012  ·  714 Views