The Tackle of the Year

LeBron James tackles a Miami Heat fan after he made a one handed hook shot form half court to win $75,000.

It was just another home game for the Miami Heat on Friday as they played the Detroit Pistons. But for Michael Drysch, a 50 year old computer technician from Illinois, it is a day he will never forget.

Drysch was randomly selected from a drawing to take the half court shot by the LeBron James Family Foundation. Before taking center court during a time out in the fourth quarter, a friend told Drysch to “put some spin on the ball”. Drysch got more than spin, he got nothing but net. American Airlines Arena went nuts watching the shot of the night! But it was really the tackle of the year that left fans jumping up and down.

LeBron James left the team huddle and leaped on to Drysch in excitement. LBJ’s was cheesing from ear to ear as if he just hit the game winner of the NBA finals. How can there be any LBJ haters out there after watching his excitement? This was a raw emotion, a pure reaction, and the true colors of one of the greatest players to play the game.

It’s amazing to witness the difference a ring can make. LBJ is finally enjoying playing the game without the pressure to prove he’s not just another millionaire taking his talents to South Beach. When was the last time you saw an A list athlete get THAT excited for a fan?

Years from now Michael Drysch won’t remember what he spent the $75,000 on, but he will never forget being tackled on center court by LBJ. The tackle wasn’t just a memory for Drysch, but a great moment for the NBA and one of the best celebrations by a professional athlete.

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