Shaking My Head

9-1-1 Emergency! There has been a robbery on the Selection Show. The University of Tennessee has more top-50 RPI wins than Middle Tennessee State University and St. Mary’s combined and some how in all this madness the selection committee left UT out while MTSU and St. Mary’s both got in.

Maybe the selection committee drank too much green beer before they finalized the field of 68. Maybe they were rushing through the selections to make it to Saint Patty’s Day shenanigans. For whatever reason they felt MTSU was one of the best teams in college basketball, it clearly wasn’t the best reason. They even lost their conference tourney.

The selection committee said Tennessee didn’t beat anybody down the stretch.  Umm, do Florida, Missouri, and Kentucky by 30 mean anything? Apparently not.

“The ability to win on the road separated MTSU from other teams that didn’t get in” Mike Bobinski Committee Chair told CBS. MTSU lost to Florida on the road, lost to Akron on the road, lost to Arkansas State on the road, and they lost to FIU on the road.

In the next interview Bobinski will say that MTSU got in because they “travel well”.

Southern Miss, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Alabama were all NCAA top 60 RPI teams and all four teams were left out.

If the Selection Committee would just come out and admit that they took every little team they could then I’d have a lot more respect for this bracket. What we did learn from this year is that it’s not about who you beat, but who you lost to. #SMH

Let the Cupcake scheduling begin in 2014!

March 13, 2013  ·  861 Views