Where’s Peyton… I need an audible

What a depressing weekend in sports. I know my teams have tough schedules, but when my college and NFL football are not even in the game, it’s embarrassing. Losing is nothing new for the fan bases of the University of Tennessee and for the Washington Redskins, but losing this season stings more than past seasons.

The University of Tennessee was crushed in a 59-14 loss at Oregon. So much for duck hunting the #2 team in the country and for shocking the world of college football. What was more shocking is how terrible QB Justin Worley is. Sorry kid, you may be the worst in Tennessee history. Yes, he can protect the ball, but it’s clear that he can’t make big plays. I’ve never wanted a freshman QB to step up more in my life. Start warming up Riley Ferguson and Josh Dobbs, we need one of you to figure this out.

The Washington Redskins were embarrassing, again against the Packers. How bad does the first half have to be for Coach Mike Shanahan to pull RG3 and put in Cousins? Why does Kyle Shanahan still have a job? What does the offence do all week? Practice was not on their to-do list.

There are so many issues with our game/team/play calling right now, but what really makes me mad is what happened after the game! We know that RG3 missed all of the preseason games and was rehabbing his ACL instead of practicing with the team and we know he was cleared by Dr. Andrews to play in game one of the season. I appreciate Coach Shanahan supporting Robert, however to say “I think he’s really doing a good job, for not having team practices and then coming back in the tick of things, you know it’s going to take time for everybody to get on the same page and timing to get where we want to get”. I’m sorry, all I heard was HE’S NOT READY TO PLAY AND IT’S COSTING US GAMES!

Even if you are an amazing athlete, that’s not enough to play in the National Football League. You have to be NFL ready and RG3 clearly isn’t NFL ready.

Robert said he will be hard on teammates if they want him to be, but he’s not an a- – hole and believes in positive reinforcement. The difference between Robert and I is that I’m okay with being called an a- – hole.

Here’s my positive reinforcement; figure this out now or soon you will be another disappointing QB in the history of the Washington Redskins. When you step on to that field you are telling everyone that you are 100% ready to play. The first two games have proven that you are not 100% or that you are not the same player you were a year ago. We the fans want you to be that player you were last year and we want that player for years and years to come. But the player that we’ve seen the past two weeks is like reliving the past QB nightmare in Washington. If you have to sit out to get better, we will support you through that. But if you continue to play like this and say you are ‘ready’ then you should change your name to Owen, because your record next week will be Owen – 3  (0-3). 

The only good part of the game was when the camera crew zoomed in on Aaron Rodgers and his dreamy eyes looked right at me. We had a moment.

And to add to the weekend of sports sadness, my Texas Rangers were swept by the Oakland A’s in a must win series for a chance at post-season play.

But the biggest audible for the weekend was seeing Justin Beiber walk in with Floyd Mayweather and The Money Team before “The One” on Saturday. Beiber is in Mayweather’s entourage? Stop it! This isn’t real life! 

September 10, 2013  ·  1181 Views