Just the Tip

The media week leading up the Super Bowl has been somewhat predictable and also questionable. Richard (Dick) Sherman or Peyton Manning have both fooled the media headlines, mostly for the wrong reasons.

Richard Sherman has made headlines for tipping Kaepernick’s pass to Crabtree and assuring the Seahawks an NFC title and a Super Bowl appearance. His WWF style rant received more press and attention than his game-changing tip to win the game.

The media loves a villain so it’s no surprise that he is the interview everyone wants.  I didn’t like what Sherman had to say after the NFC game, but I don’t think his ‘ego-rant’ completely defines him. (I’m a personal fan of his Beats by Dre Hear What You Want commercial.)

There is no denying that Sherman is one of the sickest athletes playing professional sports right now. But yes, it’s tacky to be cocky and full of yourself! Thanks to ESPN’s Sport Science they proved that he is able to back up his talent and his ego. (Google Sherman by the numbers.) So how come Sherman is only being judged for his post-game comment and not for how much of a threat he is on the playing field?

Most of the press has focused on Peyton’s legacy. In his 16 years in the NFL Peyton has played in 22 post-season games, a four time MVP, eight Offensive Player of the Year awards, won three AFC Championships, and won a Super Bowl ring. And that’s just a tip of Peyton’s accomplishments and awards. Even with his resume that is beyond impressive and being a lock for the Hall of Fame, there are still those that stilllll question his legacy based on ring(s). 

Those critics that question and doubt the ‘Manning Face’ -that Awe-Shucks, always humble, we still have a lot of work to do, continuously wanting to be better, the never stop learning, yearn for perfection that is all illustrated in his closed, straight lip expression that usually is combined with slight head shake and tucked chin.  That face is The Face of a Champion, the face of competitor who loves God more than he loves his God-given talent and his kind soul.

Regardless of what the score of the Super Bowl is on Sunday, Peyton will still be a winner and that’s just the tip of his legacy.

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