Thy Kingdom Come

Do you remember when ESPN filmed “The Decision” in 2010? Silly question, of course you do, even if you’re not a LeBron James fan. And how could you forget that circus of an event in American Airlines Arena that welcomed LBJ, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh to South Beach.

What we’ve learned is that “The Decision” was the right decision for LeBron, the Heat, South Beach, and the NBA. The three kings, Wade, James, and Bosh said they would win, and they have won the title as the Kings of hardwood.

LBJ tweeted that night in 2010 “The road to history starts now” and again, LeBron James was right.

Since the arrival of the “the best trio to ever play the game of basketball” The Miami Heat have won back-to-back NBA Championships. They have been to the NBA Finals every year since they became teammates, three years in a row, and are now on the verge of making their fourth straight NBA Finals appearance. (The Heat will win game 6 against Indiana in Miami and advance to the finals.)

In the past 27 years there have been three NBA Championship 3-peats. (1991-93 Chicago Bulls, 1996-98 Chicago Bulls, and the 2000-2002 Los Angeles Lakers)

The 1957-1966 Celtics are the only other team to make four plus consecutive NBA Finals. You can call it a dynasty or you can call it a disaster, but whatever you call it, this is called history; underrated NBA history!

It was a team decision to take less money and to play as a trio to make the Heat NBA contenders again.

It still shocks me by how many people stillllll love to hate on LeBron. Maybe you didn’t like or agree with his decision. (You know you would have his jersey if he would have chosen your team.) Maybe you thought the that circus in American Airlines Arena was an orchestrated, over-the-top, welcome party that made “the Decision” sting a little bit more- well, you’re absolutely correct about that. But hating on LeBron, King James, is like hating on the game of basketball. How can you not be an LBJ fan? Every time I watch him play, I’m awestruck. On and off the court, LBJ is a winner.

The sports gods say; “if you build it, he will come”. Well, Miami built an NBA Kingdom and I hope we continue to witness LeBron being crowed with championship rings.

May 21, 2014  ·  1257 Views