Johnny Middle Finger

As if the media didn’t spend enough time on talking about, Cleveland Browns QB, Johnny Manziel now he’s given them more ammo to be the only topic in sports for the next week. (Thank you sports gods for the SEC Network, a JohnnyPleaseGoAway zone.)

With 2:28 left in the 3rd quarter, Mr. Classy flips the dirty bird at the Redskins bench. If anything was said to Manziel from the Redskins bench, it isn’t relevant. Redskins Linebacker, Brian Orakpo throwing up the “JohnnyMoney” aka international douchebag sign after he sacked Manziel is hilarious. At least Orakpo can taunt Manziel to his face. There were no penalties called during Monday night’s game, but there is no question that the NFL will fine JohnnyDouche for his immature gestures.

Funny, Johnny, but that’s exactly how I, as well as most fans in the NFL, feel about both Manziel and Browns OC, Kyle Shananhan.

Speaking of douche bags, how does Kyle Shanahan still have a job in the NFL? I wouldn’t even trust him to coach peewee football. He is awful! He screwed the Redskins in his four miserable years in Washington with a 24-40 record and finishing last in the NFC East 3 out of 4 seasons.

Not to mention that he kept his best friend, the overrated, has-been, QB Rex Grossman on the Redskins roster just so he had a friend in the locker room. HA, for a one year, million-dollar contract to hold a clipboard, I’d pretend to be his friend too. (Well, make it two million and I’ll pretend.) In typical Shanahan, FUcoaching fashion, Kyle put QB Tyler Thigpen on waivers to sign Rex Grossman to the Browns. Rex Grossman! WTH! Only Kyle would do that, because the rest of the world of football knows that Thigpen should be on any NFL roster over Rex Grossman. Who knows, maybe Kyle and Grossman have a bromance and they are more than just friends. Clearly, Kyle has done a lot of screwing around the league. He also screwed over former University Tennessee QB Jonathan Crompton with his same Grossman antics.

I enjoyed yelling bleeps at Kyle Shanahan and the occasional flipping the bird to the Browns bench. The difference is that I was in a suite, there were no sideline cameras zoomed in on my shenanigans. They may have heard me yell “You Suck Kyle Shanahan” but they didn’t see my little nugget of a finger being pointed at him. If I ever met Kyle I’d love to sucker punch him right in his tiny stones, but the truth is that I would want someone who could punch him harder than I can, so I’d just point and laugh and thank the sports gods he is banned from ever coaching or being associated the Washington Redskins.

We know Kyle isn’t having any kind of character meetings for Manziel. I can’t wait to see what JohnnyMiddleFinger does when the pressure is really on during a regular season football game. Oh wait, he might not even be the starter…

Grossman, Manziel, and Kyle Shanahan; they belong together. I hope they never win a game for the rest of what should be a short, short future in the NFL.

August 12, 2014  ·  862 Views