Divisional Rivalry

There’s no denying that the NFC East is a dirty division. Division games are full of trash talk and shoving. Add in the return of a former player who is now wearing different colors and let the taunting begin.

Sunday’s matchup between the Redskins and the Eagles at Lincoln Financial was everything a divisional rivalry game should be.

It’s not an NFC East game without some drama. It was no shocker that DeSean Jackson’s 81-yard touchdown pass from Cousins had Jackson beating Philly’s cornerback, Cary Williams. Jackson ran backwards into the end-zone to celebrate by mocking the dirty birds while waving his arms like a bird and then finishing with a big punt-like kick. Williams slammed his helmet on the sideline and put money into the Philadelphia swear jar, maybe even the douchebag jar too.

Nose tackle, Chris Baker was ejected for knocking Foles off his feet. “The whistle had not been blown,” Baker said. “[Foles] was going towards the ball. The ball carrier was taking a right and he could have made the tackle. I did not even really hit him hard. I just happened to hit him on his shoulder and he happened to fall. He’s the quarterback and I guess that’s why there was an ejection.” (ESPN. COM)

When you watch the replay, Baker sent Foles air-born. Foles was going towards the ball and Baker is paid to keep the other team from scoring. With no whistle, I can’t be mad at Baker for doing his job.

Benches cleared and Eagles left tackle, Jason Peters, was also ejected for throwing punches at Baker. Peters said he was just reacting to Baker’s hit on Foles by protecting his quarterback. Um… typical Eagles player to translate protecting their quarterback after the whistle was blown into throwing punches.

And then Baker waved to the crowd as he was being escorted to the locker room. That made me laugh.

There is nothing cute about the NFC East. It’s down right dirty and intense. It will expose every part of your team.

Kirk Cousins may not be the franchise quarterback (yet), but with Griffin out due a dislocated ankle Cousins is now the starting quarterback.

Last year Cousins started the last three games of the season. All three games were losses for the Redskins, but at that point the Shanahan’s and the team had already given up. They had nothing to play for when the team was 3-10. Still, the whispers in Washington or at least in FedEx Suite 218, were that Cousins should be the starter. He was a steal in the 4th round of 2012 NFL draft out of Michigan State.

Sunday was Cousins first start where he had a team and coaches who had not given up on the game or the season. Cousins threw for 427 passing yards with three touchdowns on the road. Even with an interception and failing to convert at the end to put us in field goal range, Cousins still was impressive and gives Redskins fans something to be proud of. Cousins used all of his weapons to move the ball down the field and he and Pierre Garcon alone gave my fantasy team a combined 64 points!

The Redskins didn’t punt the ball away until the 3rd quarter! (I didn’t google any stats, but the Redskins may lead the league in “3 and out” plays, or at least as a fan it sure has felt that way for years.)

The Eagles had zero sacks, thanks to the offensive line. And the D, our defense proved last week they are tough to beat. The Redskins Special Teams missed a field goal and allowed the Eagles to score on a punt return. Yes, special teams need a lot of work. Even with the 34-37 nail biting loss on the road, Coach Jay Gruden is showing improvements.

This is exactly what a divisional rivalry should be. It’s a dirty game that will expose who you are as a team. The Eagles proved again why they are dirty, sucker punching birds and the Redskins exposed the talents of Kirk Cousins.

September 6, 2014  ·  874 Views