For the first time in 40 years the Golden State Warriors are going to the NBA finals after clinching the Western Conference Championship on Wednesday night.

The Warriors beat the Houston Rockets 4-1 to advance to the NBA finals. They will play LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavilers in a best of seven series. This is LeBron’s 5th straight NBA finals appearance. FIFTH STRAIGHT! Incredible. LeBron is a four time MVP recipient, but this year the award went to Stephen Curry who is making his first appearance in the NBA finals.

MVP vs. MVP is helping put Akron Ohio on the map. Both LeBron and Curry were born in Akron. We all know LeBron is a homebody and loves to call Akron home. Curry on the other hand was born in Akron because his father, Dale, was playing for the Cavs in 1988 when Stephen was born. Curry was raised in North Carolina and calls himself a Carolina boy. But, Stephen’s younger brother, Seth, did play one professional game with the Cavs in March 2014 where he made a 3-pointer and played nine minutes.

This is also the first time in NBA history that two rookie coaches are playing in the NBA finals; Steve Kerr for Golden State and David Blatt for the Cavilers. Blatt was offered the assistant job under Kerr, but when Blatt was offered the head-coaching job with the Cavs, he accepted. Kerr also played for the Cavs in 1989-92.

The Cavs have never won an NBA Championship. Their only appearance was in 2007 and they were swept by the Spurs. I’m a LeBron fan, but I’m a bigger Curry fan! I don’t want to see the Cleveland fairytale play out where the King returns and saves the poor city by winning a championship even after the city burned the Kings’ jerseys and left a nasty, immature letter posted for all the world to see while the King was away. I’m not an Ohio sports fan. So to me, that ‘fairytale’ is just a shitty story. I’m rooting for Curry! (Sorry, Byron.)

Stephen Curry may be the NBA’s MVP, but his daughter, Riley, is the leagues breakout star of the post season. Just as entertaining as Steph is on the court, Riley is as entertaining off the court! Social media has made it clear that we want more Riley Curry. Her adorable personality is larger than life. She’s two years old and I’m pretty sure Curry is more exhausted from trying to keep up with Riley during the day than he is after an NBA game. Riley is a breath of fresh air and comic relief. We all need more Curry in our lives.

Mocking Steph’s double chest tap and point to the sky move:

Quoting Big Sean, “Way up, I feel blessed”

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