He Butch’ed It!

It’s not the losses; it’s the way we have lost.

The University of Tennessee is two plays away from being 4-0 and ranked in the top 12. Instead, the VOLS are 2-2 and on the brink of having another heartbreaking season.

We have Arkansas, Georgia and Bama up next; we could easily be 2-5 in three weeks. How is this possible, how are we living this nightmare over and over and over and over again?? This Florida loss trumps the all time worst loss. Not because it makes eleven straight losses to Florida and not because we lost in the Swamp, but because our players won and our Coach lost it for us.

Coach Butch Jones owes Josh Dobbs, Jalen Hurd and the entire team an apology. Those kids played their butts off. The game management let them down. Coach Jones Butch’ed it! He lost, not the players.

Game management needs help! Coach, it’s okay to ask for help! And you need to scream for it! This is why you have assistants, staff in the boxes with headphones that can communicate the better call/play. No one is going to think less of you for using your resources, but if this terrible playing calling continues we will lose a coach who we LOVE! Damn it! I’m getting pissed all over again. How can a coach be so freaking awesome at every part of his job and then he has a total meltdown late in the game when we are leading?

There have been 191 games this year when the team is leading by 13 points or more in the 4th quarter. 188 times the team that was leading has won the game. Tennessee has two of those three losses. Talk about a below the belt punch! I’m feeling sick just thinking about it. Those were our wins and poor game management let them break the hearts of Vol Nation.

The time outs where Florida was setting up a field goal and with the Butch Jones time out Florida went for it on 4th down and put points on the board. This was a walk-on kicker for Florida, let him kick (and miss) or only give the three points, not seven! I don’t care if the timeout was because Coach thought Florida was going to run a fake field goal. Coach the defense and special teams to be prepared for that.

Have you practiced a two-point conversion play? What stat sheet told you to kick the field goal? Burn it! IT LIED!!! And then there’s the nightmare flashback to Derek Dooley and the loss to North Carolina in the 2011 Music City Bowl because of drawing penalties and being able to run down the clock. This rule became a rule change because of our loss and we almost became the first team to lose because of a rule we had changed!!! WTH!

I hate Florida and I officially hate Tim Tebow. I used to have some respect for him. DON’T YOU DARE SAY JALEN HURD IS THE MOST OVERRATED RB IN THE COUNTRY AND THINK I WILL HAVE ANY RESPECT FOR YOU. I deleted you from twitter and if I ever see you, we will have words. Most of them are words you are not allowed to say and my mother yells at me for using. But you will hear them and I hope they keep up at night. Talk about being overrated, how did your time in Philly go? The Eagles are just as awful as the Redskins and you’re still not on an NFL roster, not even in the NFC East, ouch! I hope you get laryngitis for the rest of football season. You’ll eat crow when you have to shake Hurd’s hand in the Heisman house.


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