Shots Fired

Steph Curry is ridiculous! He is the most exciting element in the NBA right now. Every time there is an NBA highlight on TV or social media, there’s a good shot it is one of Curry’s smooth, sick shots. Night after night, Curry is on fire!

Oscar Robertson, a Hall of Famer doesn’t want to give Curry the credit he deserves.
“I just don’t think coaches today in basketball understand the game of basketball,” Robertson said. “They don’t know anything about defenses. They don’t know what people are doing on the court. [Curry] has shot well because of what’s going on in basketball today.”

Shots. Fired.

Warrior’s head coach, Steve Kerr fired back by saying:”A player from any era would be unable to guard Steph Curry. It doesn’t matter who you’re talking about. No one could guard Steph Curry,” Kerr said. “He’s too quick, too skilled, too good. You can make all sorts of other arguments. In the ’90’s, there were all type(s) of dominant big men. There aren’t many these days, that’s true. The game was different then. … There’s more ball movement, there’s more liked-sized players on the court. So things change, but I just can’t see how anybody would think that Steph would have been guardable 30 years ago, 20 years ago, whatever.”

It was no surprise that on Saturday night, Stephen Curry sent social media into a frenzy by scoring 46 points in an overtime comeback win against the Thunder in Oklahoma. His performance tired an NBA record for the most 3-point shots in a game with 12! Curry broke his own NBA season record with his 288th triple of the year and he still has a quarter of the regular season to play. Oh and he swished the game winning shot 32 feet away from the basket. IT –WAS- INSANE! Now, that’s how you fire back!

(Copy link to see the shot that almost broke twitter!)

Golden State has already clinched a play off birth with their current 53-5 record. With 82 games in an NBA regular season the Warriors have a real shot of winning 70 plus games. There has never been a team that won 69 plus games an then not win the NBA Championship. The 1995-96 Chicago Bulls hold the single season record with 72 wins in a single season.

I would be shocked if Curry isn’t named the first unanimous MVP in league history.

February 3, 2016  ·  1105 Views