A Duck Can Pull A Truck!

Florida cornerback Quincy Wilson guaranteed that his Gators would beat the Tennessee Volunteers for the 12th straight year. “Nobody has ever seen a duck pull a truck. Florida Gators are going to win, simple as that,” said Wilson.

Wilson’s analogy was comparing Tennessee to being the duck and the Gators were the truck. This set social media on football trash-talk fire. The Oregon Ducks took offense and days later Puddles (the name of the Oregon Duck) posted a video of him (the duck) pulling a truck. There was an instant friendship formed between the Oregon Ducks and the Tennessee Volunteers.

Saturday’s game in Neyland stadium was checkered in orange and white raw emotion. Eleven straight years of losing to Florida has been awful for Tennessee.

At halftime the Gators lead 21-3 and the stadium boo’s were loud. The concession stands were full of fans debating if they should leave. Watching a loss for the 12th straight year would be just too painful. All I could think about was there was going to be an epic comeback. Team 120 is loaded! They are too talented to look this bad. Coach Butch Jones needed to beat Florida to ensure his job safety.

Still trailing 21-17 in the start of the fourth quarter, Tennessee QB Joshua Dobbs found sophomore receiver Jauan Jennings deep and wide open. Florida secondary, Jalen Tabor couldn’t stop Jennings and he slipped as Jennings pranced down the Tennessee sideline for a 67-yard Tennessee touchdown. This was the play that gave Tennessee the lead and Neyland the energy to scream Rocky Top as Tennessee outscored the Gators 35-7 in the second half.

Tennessee broke the streak and won 38-28. The fans stayed to celebrate with the team and the Pride and of Southland band. Grown men wiped away tears of relief and joy. An eleven year streak was finally broken and the weight of disappointment was lifted. Everyone in orange and white felt that feeling of truly believing in your team. The second half performance of the Vols is a team that can win the SEC and the National Championship.

On Monday, Tennessee’s mascot, Smokey posted a video for Puddles. The video of Smokey feeding ducks at the pond has united the two mascots as friends forever.

Incase you didn’t know, a duck can pull a truck!

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