Hocus Pocus

Halloween weekend has a tradition of University of Tennessee and the University of South Carolina playing. The coincidence is the series defines the holiday phrase “trick or treat”. Mostly treats for the Vols as they lead the series 25-8-2. The last four games have all been decided by three points or less. But Saturday’s game was a lot more Hocus Pocus. It’s not just a loss and a big Vegas upset, this loss cost Tennessee their season.

Tennessee was spooked from the beginning of the game. Besides Evan Berry’s kick return and ole faithful, Jauan Jennings, the rest of the team looked like they saw a ghost. Senior quarterback Josh Dobbs is the aerospace engineer major and it was clear that his Halloween costume was an astronaut because he was in outer space the whole game. He was exposed. I can’t believe this is what Dobbs’s season is coming to. He’s been the poster child for college athletes and now he’s become the man who needs to hide behind a mask.

We got beat by a quarterback who should be a senior in high school!

Tennessee was a heavy favorite to win the SEC East and play in December for the SEC Championship. With the loss to South Carolina that means bleeeeeping Florida will now control the SEC East. The Vols haven’t won the East since 2007 and haven’t won the SEC since 1998. The past nine and 18 years have been miserable.

This loss hurts more than most losses because for the first time in a LOOOONG time THIS was the year of the Vols. THIS was the year Tennessee restored hope to all the lifetime fans who have been stabbed in the heart year after year. THIS was the year that Rocky Top was on top. But typical Tennessee, Rocky Top is still rocky.

What happened to the 5-0 start? Finally beating Florida? Four thank you Jesus comeback wins after being down by double-digits? What happened to the Hail Mary that showed college football that it only takes four seconds to teach a dog to sit? Where did THAT team go? That team knew how to fight and comeback.

ALL OF IT, GONE! Poof! And we gave it ALL away to the cocky goblins that have nothing to play for this season. Tennessee started the season by being able to comeback and use the depth on their bench for injuries. Now, this team has quickly turned into that haunted nightmare that shows up ever year. Whatever this spell is that has cast disappointment on the Vols, please, PLEASE make it go away.

Just please, stop the bleeding!

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