Twas The Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through football land,
Not an Eagle was flying, not even the Redskins knew their Playoff stand.

The Skins traveled to Chicago to beat the Bears,
In hopes that a Playoff game could still be theirs.

‘The Redskins will be awful’, at least that’s what the media said.
While visions of another win danced in the fans heads.
At 8-6-1, Redskins nation still had cheer,
Although this season caused fans to drink a lot of beer.

When out on the NFC there arose such a clatter,
If the offense wasn’t scared of the Red Zone, nothing would be the matter.
Away down the field Cousin can throw,
But can our team catch the ball, we never really know.

Now, Giants! Now, Dallas! Now, Lions and Buck(s)!
I can’t believe we have to root for Dallas, What The YUCK!
To still have a chance, the Packers need to fall!
Now lose Green Bay, lose it all!

With Josh Norman, so lively and quick,
Redskins Nation loved the new free agent pick.
He’s been our biggest playmaker and the media’s dream.
If only he had a complete secondary to play as a team.

The Panthers were gloating from their victory,
Too bad their season was already history.
Social media exploded with so many memes,
They gave up Norman; they’re not a quality team.

So the Panthers came to DC and put up a fight.
Everyone knows the Redskins suck on Monday Night.
We lost a game that we should have won,
Now controlling the playoffs sure is done.

To add to the week of upsets, Norman was a Pro Bowl snub,
This is what happens when Roger Goodell isn’t your bud.
It’s not Norman’s fault no one will throw in his direction,
The Pro Bowl picks showed they were just a league suggestion.

He’s a really cool boss and may or may not listen to Jonas,
By the way, thank you for my awesome Christmas bonus!
Maybe I am biased, but I’m sure not wrong,
Norman is not normal, now sing that song!

When pressure is on Cousins, he seems to be his best,
These last two games will put his contract to the test.
He put on a show and never went flat,
Yes, Kirk Cousins, We. Like. That!

The defense came to Chicago to play,
With FIVE interceptions, they had one heck of a day.
Even if we looked good against the Bears,
A win is a win, who cares.

The Eagles beat the Giants on Thursday night,
This will change how we see the Eli fight.
So bring it on New York, we’re not going to fold,
Hearing Hail To The Redskins never gets old.

December 13, 2016  ·  1135 Views