‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the suites,
My spot was left empty, not even Flee could sit in my seat;
I didn’t miss the game for some silly pageant or play,
I traveled to Roanoke to be home for Christmas day.

The game was on TV and I watched it with my dad,
With hopes that the Redskins would not play really bad.
He likes the radio broadcast on so he can listen to the game,
Before you see the play, you already know who to blame.

When out on the field there arose such a clatter,
Just kidding, at this point, the Redskins season doesn’t even matter.
Away down the schedule we couldn’t find a win,
Washington is Washington, how long has it been?

The crescent moon shook his head during the cold winter day,
While the rumors kept swirling about if Cousins would stay.
The kid is a stud, but can we afford another 3rd tag?
Looks like the Redskins will need new a QB to snag.

I checked the scores of the other NFL games,
Man, that Alvin Kamara is putting rookies to shame.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But another reminder that my fantasy team should have won it all this year.

With Josh Norman, so lively and quick,
The season fell apart as soon as he got sick.
What happened to the team that crushed the Raiders?
That’s the team that shut up all of those haters.

Now, Norman! Now, Hood!, Now, McClain and Lanier!
Where’s Reed, Kelly, Thompson, and Allen? OH Dear!
There was too much talking and it just didn’t feel right,
But that’s why some people just need to go night-night!

From the starters to practice squad, they all have had to play,
It’s been the year of injuries, at least that’s what they say.
To the top of the roster we topped the injuries list!
Oh, this is just another year of typical Redskins bliss.

My favorite players are some pretty cool dudes,
To hear the Redskins are jerks, now that’s Fake News.
They like to talk about their puppies and guitars,
It’s pretty refreshing how normal they really are.

Wait, how are the Bills in the wildcard race?
We all know Bills Mafia is this an NFL disgrace.
Their post season drought is in the hands of a former Hokie,
Don’t worry, Tyrod will prove why college football calls them chokies.

The Eagles lead the NFC standings at twelve and two,
With their quarterback out, they just got screwed.
That can happen when you dive to get the ball in,
One play could have cost them the ultimate win.

The Cowboys are still fighting with their little toy guns,
No one wants Dallas to make a playoff run.
The suspensions are over and Elliott is back,
Now it’s up to the Seahawks to attack.

Even though the Redskins season is basically done,
There are still football games that need to be won.
The fans need a victory, that’s what the team has been told.
Because singing HAIL to the Redskins never gets old!

December 11, 2017  ·  869 Views