Urban Liar!

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Urban Meyer and Ohio State University are a joke! Ohio State placed Urban Meyer on paid administration leave on August 1st while an independent investigation about recently fired OSU coach, Zach Smith’s, domestic violence on his now ex-wife, Courtney Smith. The investigation exposed numerous red flags, blurred lines and coverups that should be an embarrassment to Ohio State and their head football coach, Urban Meyer. Wednesday’s press conference has left the world of sports more outraged than one of Trumps tweets.

There are nine police reports in six years documenting the domestic violence incidents. (Chances are there are more incidents that never got reported.) In 2009, Zach Smith was arrested for aggravated battery on a pregnant female (Courtney Smith). Both Urban and Zach were employed by University of Florida at that time. Urban, his wife Shelly, and another coach all knew about the arrest. Like most victims of domestic violence, they end up not pressing charges and no charges were filed.

Most victims believe that their spouse will change, they can fix them and that it will never happen again. And sadly, most of the time, it does happen again and again. In this case, Courtney told Zach’s parents and others. They all told her not to go to the police and to keep it out of the media. If she did report it, Zach would lose his job and leave Courtney and their two children without an income. The Smiths were separated in June 2015 and Courtney filed for divorced in November 2015. The divorce was final in September 2016. Courtney filed for civil protection on July 20th 2018. Zach Smith was fired form OSU on July 23rd 2018.

The Independent Investigation Summary Findings 23-page report is laughable. The number of red flags that were flat out ignored makes me question the integrity of every decision maker at the University. The number of times “significant memory issues” is used to avoid the truth is mind-blowing. While Courtney Smith was getting a black eye, Urban Meyer was turning a blind eye.

OSU concluded the investigation by suspending Urban Meyer for 3 games without pay. ONLY THREE GAMES?!?!?! He should be fired!!!! Seventeen bleeping days. Those 3 games mean nothing but, HA-HA-HA to all domestic violence victims. Urban Lier only gets a three-game suspension for flat out lying about his knowledge or involvement with the coach HE hired and protected. Urban lied about his knowledge about a domestic violence investigation from 2015. Deleting old text messages from over a year ago and Urban’s constant “significant memory issues” are huge red flags of guilt and a cover up. To say Urban had “taken medicine that can negatively impair his memory, concentration and focus” is just a joke. I bet he remembers every play from his 2008 National Championship game.

How does former university of Tennessee Coach, get FIRED for having a little cookout for his players, Ole Miss coach gets fired for calling a hooker, Arkansas coach gets fired for joy riding with a 25-year old, and former OSU coach got fired for tattoos all while Urban Meyer gets a BS 3-game suspension for lying about his knowledge of domestic violence??? Jim Tressel has to be furious knowing that OSU views tattoos more serious than domestic violence.

During the press conference, Urban showed no remorse. None! He couldn’t even have the balls to be a real man and apologize to Courtney Smith or to anyone who has been a victim of domestic violence. Urban’s response to a reporter for what he would say to Courtney Smith “I’m sorry we are in this situation”. How soulless can you be? Urban has two daughters. If anyone laid a hand on them, he would never let them get away with it. Who coached Urban on this press conference? They too, should be fired and sent to sensitivity training. Urban apologized to Ohio State three times and he NEVER once apologized to Courtney Smith or to any victim of domestic violence.

The University failed in how they responded in this situation. They clearly showed that winning is more important than ANYTHING else. It is flat out disgusting and it exposed the Universities out dated administration and their narrow vision for standing up for what is right. “Treat women with respect” is on the wall when players and coaches walk into the Woody Hayes athletic center. This is one of Urban Meyer’s core values everyone must follow, unless you are Zach Smith (the grandson of former OSU coach Earle Bruce). (Bruce had been a close mentor to Urban.)

August 22nd A.J. Perez ‘s twitter @byajperez (USA TODAY Sports reporter) sought comment from Zach Smith’s attorney Brad Koffel on Meyer suspension and here it is:

“Zach Smith married a woman he should not have married. Vengeance against her ex-husband regrettably resulted in collateral damage to Urban Meyer, Gene Smith & The Ohio State University.”

WHAAAAT?!?!? Go O-H.. F-U, Brad Koffel! Maybe Zach Smith shouldn’t have beaten his wife numerous times! Brad is the definition of what is wrong with the world.

This case isn’t closed. I never thought I would want the NCAA to get involved in anything, but they could have a field day on this investigation. The real vengeance is about to come.

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