Another Tennessee Upset….

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On Friday February 3rd 2012 my heart was broken by my radio boyfriend; Alex Anderson. He announced that it would be his last show on the Alex Anderson Show- a daily talk show on Tennessee Sports Radio. Weeks later, I’m still sulking in my loneliness.

Trying to fill the 1:00-2:00 void in my life I did what any normal girl who is going through a bad breakup would do- I packed my bags and booked a flight to Mexico to drown my sorrows in adult beverages surrounded by friends to help me get through such a difficult time.

Watching the Super Bowl in Spanish was entertaining, but I really didn’t care who won. I was clearly at rock bottom. I lost my rocky top; the fastest growing sports radio show in Tennessee and quite possibly the entire world. I even tried to re-friend an old college friend- Tequila. That friendship ended a long time ago for a reason and trying to be friends again was an epic fail. And then I watched Duke’s comeback in Chapel Hill, also in Spanish, and it gave me hope that maybe, just maybe Alex would come back too.

Alex, how could you do this to me, to us? I still remember the first night I met you. I took one look at this lanky kid who was wearing sunglasses inside a bar at midnight and I thought, what a D-bag. Then as I was rolling my eyes I caught a glimpse of your orange UT hat and I did a double take. I knew at that point my judgments may be wrong and I felt the need to see if you were really a UT fan or if it was time to kick you out of the bar for wearing sunglasses inside a bar at midnight. (Really, who wears sunglasses inside a bar at midnight?) Then I learned you were simply trying to disguise your celebrity status. My heart skipped a beat as we talked UT sports and I’m still laughing about that prank call- don’t worry it’s our secret. Meeting Alex Anderson was one of the best days of my life.

We had moments. All those inappropriate texts I sent that could only be read on the Ferrall show just to make you laugh. I took you to your first NFL game to see your Miami Dolphins play the Ravens and I made sure we had a 6’3, 300 pound former high school All-American football Defensive Tackle as a bodyguard to protect you. I couldn’t be in Knoxville for your birthday so I had a pizza delivered to you during the show. All I’ve ever wanted in life was to make you as happy as you have made me over the past three years. Where did I go wrong?

Alex, how could you breakup with me this close to Valentine’s Day? And I found out through social media that I’m clearly not the only one who is left feeling empty, depressed and as the infamous caller from Vinton, VA Barney would say “I’m not mad, I’m Pissed!”. I know, we talked about all of this for hours and while we both shed tears I understand when you say “It’s not you, it’s me”. But seriously, how could my dream of being on “The Real Housewives of Sports Radio Hosts’ be over? How could we be over so soon?

What am I going to do without you, just write for Tony? HA I don’t think Basilio even reads my page on his website. He hasn’t even accepted my facebook friend request. Basilio is a great mentor but Alex; YOU have captivated a new audience by creating a talk show that’s fresh, rich with comedy, passion and a long list of left field antics. No one can take your place on the air or put back the pieces of the hearts you shattered the day you left all your groupies and TSR to sell used cars to Vanderbilt alumni. Way to show your true colors as the 12th fan.

*This blog may have been embellished… just a little. To all of AA’s groupies, please don’t send me messages that threaten my life or my shoe closet. HA Alex, I love you and thank you for being awesome and one of the funniest people I know. Our sarcasm and ADHD have a real connection that few will ever understand. Thank your for giving me a platform to write for your show and taking a chance on a girl trying to follow a dream. I know this isn’t the end of your sports career. You are too talented and too entertaining to hide behind your sunglasses. I believe in comebacks and I believe in you.

We have a date this fall in Knoxville, GO VOLS!

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