BCS, BS… they mean the same thing

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I’ve said it before and it’s never been clearer how corrupt the BCS is. It’s not about matching up the #3 team with the #4 team it’s all about the Benjamin’s!

I like the #1 and #2 matchup between LSU and Alabama and as an SEC fan this is going to be another great game of elite college football. What I don’t like is how LSU has to beat Bama AGAIN to hold the crystal ball and make snow angels on a field covered in confetti.

LSU coach Les Miles- coach of the year? He has my vote. The Shady start turns into a 13-0 SEC title and one win away from the BCS National Championship- not easy to do. And with mostly freshman and sophomores; LSU is not going anywhere anytime soon.

LSU is the National Champion. How is it fair that LSU has to beat Alabama twice to win the BCS (LSU beat Bama in the regular season at Bama in OT), but Alabama only has to beat LSU once to win the BCS Championship, how is that fair?

The other BCS matchups are:
Michigan vs. Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl
Clemson vs. West Virginia in the Orange Bowl
Oregon vs. Wisconsin in the Rose Bowl
Oklahoma vs. Stanford Fiesta Bowl

Arkansas got screwed! (No conference can have more than two teams in BCS bowl games- even when four SEC teams are in the top nine of BCS standings.) Arkansas’s losses were on the road to LSU and Alabama.

VT is 1-4 in BCS Bowl appearances. They got CRUSHED by Clemson, twice- once in Lane Stadium. The Jokies season didn’t start until October 1 and combined ten points gave VT wins over Miami (6-6), Duke (3-9) and UNC (7-5). The BCS should be embarrassed, but instead they gave VT the at-large bid because they “travel well” HAHA. Yes, in Blacksburg they draw a crowd only because there is NOTHING else to do in Blacksburg. Remember last year’s Orange Bowl between Stanford and VT; the stands were empty or the Boise State matchup in FedEx field that was basically a home game for VT. Both games the Jokies failed to “travel well” but they succeeded in their streak for being the biggest fraud in college football. Beamer makes no apologies for their Sugar Bowl selection or for the check he must have written to Sugar Bowl CEO Paul Hoolahan.

A 10-2 Michigan team- I’m on the fence about their bowl game selection, but I have no hesitation about who I’m rooting for: GO BIG BLUE!

A 10-3 Clemson team, an 11-2 VT team and a 9-3 West Virginia team get BCS games over a 10-2 South Carolina team, a 10-2 Arkansas team, an 11-1 Boise State team and an 11-1 Kansas State team. BS! BS! BS! Yes, I’m an SEC fan and there’s something about Boise that I really like and want to see them in a game where every game really counts. But because the BSC is really run by the sponsor’s CEO the focus is on racks on racks on racks and not the BEST matchups in college football.

College football wonders why there’s so much talk about paying players or why players would ever think of accepting “gifts”… as long as the sponsor’s CEO’s are deciding who plays in the BCS- the BCS and BS will mean the same thing…

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  1. JDM

    I think OSU 11-1 got screwed out of the BCS National Championship against LSU! I would have loved to watch a game between LSU and OSU!

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