March Madness

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Dear Sports gods,



This world is a crazy place. Just profess your true love to the world and watch Cupid and China point and laugh at you. (Read post from 2/14/2020.) Adjusting to a world without sports during March Madness, The Masters, The NFL Draft, and Opening Day simply sucks! I should be marking red X’s on my bracket going into the Sweet 16. My dad should be calling me to gloat about how mid-majors are dominating the tournament (my dad loves the mid-majors). Or asking my twin and me “why do you like that team in the gaudy orange”?

Instead, I never got to watch Tennessee’s Jordan Bowden play in his last SEC Tournament. I’ll never hear the end of who really won the St.Clair family bracket last year. (My mom picked the right team, but my dad had more points. Duh, my dad won, but it’s more fun to watch my mom brag about beating my dad, again.)

The world pandemic of the Coronavirus has changed the world as we know it. Half of 2020 has been canceled and postponed until further notice. We will beat this! I have no doubt in American’s ability to stop, fix and prevent this from becoming another year of complete madness. But we will never get back most of this year when life goes back to reality. The college and high school seniors will never be able to get back those experiences and memories. I applaud ALL of those out on the front lines in the medical field, first responders, grocery stores, delivery services, companies still working to make supplies, and everyone else that has to still go out of their house to work. Thank you for keeping us all alive.

During this self-quarantine I have tried to not fall into a lack of sports depression. Here are my tips, observations and questions from being grounded from the outside world:

Do not check your stocks. Just don’t. They will come back, but it’s going to be months, even years.

  • I’m running out of home projects to do. I even scraped the shower tile grout and re-grouted it, just because it sounded like a good idea at the time. I rent.
  • Why are people just now starting to wash their hands?
  • My neighbors are all cooking and it smells amazing. Boiling water is the extent of my cooking level. I’m staying alive on BP&J and Little Debbie.
  • If you want you to take a nap, just listen to the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, speak. This economic-stimulus bill is 100% needed right now, but I have no idea what the details are because when Mitch starts talking about it, I get to relive kindergarten and take a nap. No disrespect to Mitch, I would just recommend him taking Coastal Carolina University’s Theater 140 Public Speaking class with Linda Kuykendall and Robin Russell’s diction class.
  • Fauci is adorable.
  • Memes on social media remind me that we still have not lost our sense of humor.
  • Easter has the best candy. I’ve known this for years. But, I ate all of mine on day one. I hope that the Easter candy section does not look like the toilet paper section when I am no longer grounded.
  • America needs more Clay Travis. Thank you for not social distancing us on your radio show, Periscope, Twitter updates and putting Marylyn in her place over ‘fear porn’.
  • Sneezing went from “bless you” to “bleep you”
  • I still don’t know what people do who don’t like sports.
  • Is it inappropriate for me to email and ask for the name phone number of the doctor in a picture on their website?
  • The Tiger King on Netflix is definition of what the bleeeep!
  • I’m a few more self-quarantine days away from talking to a volleyball….

We are going to get through this, even if political parties can’t play nice. Check on your family, friends and neighbors. We the people are the only ones who can stop this madness.

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