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The AC is still not on in my building. I have taped the edges of my window screens to block out those little bastards that have been trying to live in my apartment rent free. I’m assuming the ones that I didn’t get to murder moved out due to my loud Asian neighbors. They also have their windows open and I can hear them. My neighbor on the opposite side of me can also hear them. We just have no idea what they are saying. It’s just loud and her tone is “pissed off”. There is no peace and quiet for anyone around here. But I’m sure they say the same thing about me when I’m watching the Redskins play.

I’m the type of person who lives by a to-do list. Mostly because if it’s not a task I do every day then I have to write it down or I won’t remember. There’s also the gratification for checking off tasks on my list. These days, the only consistent task on my list is to complete my Apple watch activity. (Shout out to my twin for giving me his old Apple watch.) I also purchased a treadmill last summer so I have no excuse these days to not get in a run or a walk everyday while being grounded in my apartment. I have to complete the activity goals every day by exercising for at least 30 minutes, burning 450 move (not resting) calories, reached 12 stand hours (not sitting for longer than an hour without movement) and get in 10,000 steps.

Last Tuesday, I noticed around 11am the activity app was not syncing to my Apple watch. I was in a panic (similar to the sheer panic my dad was in when he called me about the MAC mouse not working a few days ago). I had a 50-day streak on the line! I have an Apple business account and emailed them. While talking to the very nice Apple Genius, I had to tell her my wifi name. I paused and debated if I should laugh or hang up. I started thinking, could I get kicked out of the Apple business program for my wifi name? I didn’t read the program rules. I responded, Ophelia. She asked me to repeat it. This time I said it nice and slow; Ophelia Balls. Being the professional she is, she tried to cover her laughter and said ‘that’s funny’. Two hours later of Apple updates, my Apple watch streak continued. My current Apple activity streak is 56 days.

Please don’t take this a brag. I only work-out because I live on Little Debbie and Peter Pan Creamy. Add in a lot of frozen pizza and leggings to my daily routine and I’m still scared to try on my jeans just like everyone else.

The Last Dance! Finally, we have some new sports content. The highly anticipated ESPN film on Michael Jordan is 10-part documentary airing 2 episodes over five Sundays. We learned last night that the title, The Last Dance, was the name of the theme Phil Jackson called his final season coaching in Chicago, leading up to the sixth Championship in 1998. I grew up LOVING Charles Barkley and hating MJ, mostly out of jealousy. It was much later in life that I learned Barkley and MJ were friends. I’ll always be team Barkley, but I can respect MJ as the greatest to ever play basketball. The first two episodes were fantastic and the entire sports world thanks ESPN for releasing this early.

For those of you who are celebrating today, I hope you use this pandemic to remind yourself that edibles will keep you off of a ventilator. Cannabis dispensaries have been considered essential services and remain open in some states where cannabis is legal. If this isn’t a and sign of the times, then I don’t know what is. While holiday gatherings for this day of celebration have been canceled, Zoom meetings will be up in smoke.

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